My first blog!

So, this is my first post! After lots of persuading and nagging by clients and friends I’ve at long last put pen to paper so to speak. We all eat with our eyes – so on my opening blog – I want to share some of my favourite food pictures with you. These have been taken with talented food photographers – not only the best in Wales – but undoubtedly some of the most creative in the UK. Take a look at my portfolio to see some of my favourite photographs!

Dyma dorri tir newydd o’r diwedd a chyhoeddi tudalen gynta fy mlog bwyd! Fel tamed i aros pryd – rhywbeth i dynnu dwr i’ch dannedd – dyma rai o fy hoff luniau bwyd. Fel steilydd bwyd rwy’n ddigon ffodus i weithio gyda ffotograffwyr mwyaf talentog Cymru. Edrychwch ar y portffolio ar gyfer gweld rhai o fy hoff luniau bwyd.

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